Why everyone should be trying Enzo matcha green tea powder

matcha green tea powder

Going through Google for the newest health trends of 2016, you will no doubt find Enzo matcha green tea powder in the list among the top five. If you are cautious about what you put into your body, like many people should be. Then you need a reason why you should make Enzo matcha green tea part of your daily routine. One serving of Enzo is equal to 10 cups of green tea as far as nutrition is concerned. If that does not motivate you to get it ASAP, these reasons might.

1. Weight loss

For the many people with slow metabolism, losing weight seems like an unattainable goal. Green tea powder consists of chemicals that will help increase your body metabolism from an average of 9% to 40%. An increase in your body metabolism will allow your body to burn fat faster and reduce the amount of fat it stores. In turn, you will be able to lose those excess pounds just by relaxing and sipping a cup of tea.

2. Detoxification properties

There are countless of studies that have shown that the foods we eat are killing us, slowly and rather painfully. Most processed foods contain hormone disrupters, heavy metals and many other toxins that companies insist help in the preservation process. Enzo matcha green tea contains chlorophyll a natural antioxidant that helps cleanse and eliminate these chemicals from the body. It helps keep you healthy by fighting toxins that would have otherwise been fatal.

3. Clean energy

After a long night of not sleeping, one feels tired and lethargic. Coffee is great and loved for being able to increase our energy supply. It however has the disadvantage of giving jitters and shakiness when too much is consumed. The amino acid L- Theanine in Enzo helps ensure that the caffeine is balanced out. This amino acid helps make one feel calm and collected without feeling drowsy. Perfect for those hectic and deadline filled mornings at work.

4. Emory retention and concentration

Stress and being too tired can have their toll on your ability to concentrate and remember things. The higher concentration of L- Theanine makes it the perfect drink during those times when you find yourself having trouble focusing. It also helps reduce stress and fight high blood pressure in the process. A great way to ensure your productivity throughout the day is maintained and you have a much better tolerance of people because you feel calm and refreshed.