Looking for a Coffee that won’t break the Calorie Budget? Try Stevia

Who isn’t right? I mean coffee is the lifeblood that keeps adulthood moving, but unless you’re one of the folks who like their coffee black, you’re probably adding a lot of sugar. Of course, sugar isn’t a bad thing, unless of course, you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, then it’s a whole new ball game. For the health-conscious among us, there are of course several options, and most often people will end up settling on an alternative sweetener.

caramel stevia drops

There are plenty of alternative sweeteners out there, but the vast majority of them are highly processed chemical sweeteners. These sweeteners have been in and out of the news over the years for causing various ailments, and that just doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Further to that, there are plenty of people who are sensitive to these artificial sweeteners. Well, have you ever heard of stevia or used liquid stevia drops? Stevia is extracted from a plant, Stevia rebaudiana, While the plant itself is sweet, the extract from the plant, once concentrated, is extremely sweet, and when all is said and done, almost zero calories! A stevia drop is exactly what it sounds like. Just a drop of stevia, and since it’s concentrated, it makes a huge difference in your drinks or baking!

A coffee with zero calories coming from the sugar means that it’s likely your milk or cream contributing the majority of the calories. That means you are most likely under 100 calories a cup! You can get stevia as both a powder and as liquid stevia drops. In either case, you can substitute them for sugar and the packaging usually tells you what ratio to use. Think about how much easier it’s going to be to stay under that calorie budget. If you’re looking for some quality organic liquid stevia drops, check out EnzoStevialiquid stevia drops for!